Pardeep Kumar Bhardwaj: Profile

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Pardeep Kumar Bhardwaj

Dr. Pardeep Kumar Bhardwaj


IBSD, Meghalaya

Research Interests

·         Molecular mechanisms of plant adaptation in high altitude

·         Plant secondary metabolites and their biosynthetic pathways

·         Metabolic engineering

·         Chemical ecology mainly secondary metabolites and endophytes

Eastern Himalaya is a globally significant region for ecosystems diversity and rich biodiversity. It is unique due to its close proximity to both the Tibetan Plateau and Bay of Bengal. This topography, biogeography and climate have nurtured various eco-zones in close proximity. These eco-zones have largest elevation gradients in the world ranging from lowland tropical forests to temperate zones, alpine meadows and trans-himalayan cold deserts within a distance of 100 kms. Such a sharp climatic variation in different eco-zones has prompted a rich diversity of flora. Realizing the uniqueness of niche environment, bioresources of this region offer an advantage in having greater possibilities of novel biomolecules and new gene pools. Even many of the bioresources are only confined to this region and are almost unknown to science. Some of the gene pools contain valuable components and genes that can impart tolerance to drought, cold, frost, pathogens and overall better growth development in plants. Therefore, this region offers tremendous research opportunities for bioprospecting novel molecules/ genes/ enzymes/ pathways/ mechanisms from the native bioresources. Earlier, we have identified genes and adaptive mechanism of plants growing in cold desert of Western Himalaya. Currently, my research interests focused on genomics, transcriptomics and metabolomics approaches for understanding the molecular mechanisms of plant adaptation in high altitude of Eastern Himalaya. I am also interested in understanding the chemical interactions of microbes, regulation of metabolite biosynthetic pathways in medicinal plants unique to this region and characterization of regulatory genes for metabolic engineering.