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Biseshwori Thongam

Dr. Biseshwori Thongam,
Scientist E
Plant Systematics and Conservation Laboratory (PSCL)
Institute of Bioresources and Sustainable Development (IBSD), Imphal


Dr. Biseshwori Thongam, Scientist E, IBSD focus on wide areas of research under the Plant Bioresources Programme of Institute of Bioresources and Sustainable Development (IBSD). Her research thrust areas includes nutritional evaluation and molecular characterization of Wild edible plants (WEPs) of Manipur, evaluation of anti-diabetic plants used by traditional healers in Manipur and also characterization of selected important plants of Manipur such as Shirui lily, Dzuko lily, Prunus, Gingers and orchids using advanced biotechnological approaches. Recently, she has strengthened her research areas by taking up three different sub-projects of a multi institutional project entitled “Bioresources and Sustainable Livelihood in NE India”. She even reaches out her hands for the benefit for society through possible ways which includes “Technology Demonstration for Hybrid Dendrobium cut flower production in farmers’ field in Manipur for Bio-entrepreneurship Development”.


The sincere and dedicated work of Plant Systematics and Conservation Laboratory (PSCL) let to discover six new species while exploring the underexplored region of NE, India. Nutritional evaluation of unexplored Wild leafy vegetables (WLVs) of Manipur and their molecular characterization through ISSR markers, Phytochemical and pharmacological evaluation of antidiabetic plants used by traditional healers in Manipur, Characterization of Prunus species based on its ecological importance, molecular characterization of Rattans (Cane) of Calamoideae family.


Her future research plans includes Integrative Taxonomic analysis for assessment of diversity and phylogenetic relationships among Gingers and Prunus from NE India, Quantitative assessment and mapping of plant diversity and biological resources in Manipur.