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Bharat G. Somkuwar

Research Interest

Design and development of bioresources database.

In-silico data annotation

In-Combo screening of bioactive molecules

Design and development of bioinformatics tool

Biodiversity refers to the total variety and variability among living organisms in which it occurs and impacts on the ecosystem. Cataloging biodiversity of the nation is a vital assignment in general and urgent need to conserve bioresources in particular. Since biological, ecological and cultural diversities are interlinked with each other. A few efforts have been made elsewhere on the cataloging of species-specific databases. North-East region of India bestowed with beautiful, bountiful resources and has tremendous untapped bioresources. Biodiversity informatics now providing more attention towards the development of the species and region-specific databases. The main focus of the unit is digitization of flora, fauna and other bioresources available at the Indian region of Indo-Burma biodiversity hotspot including in-silico annotations for molecular mapping and biotechnological interventions towards sustainable development.

So far, the unit has a compilation of more than 6500 records from primary and secondary sources from the variety of species inclusive of bamboo, citrus, zingiber, rhododendrons, Trichoderma, orchids, cyanobacteria, medicinal and edible insects to name a few. Global statistics reveals more than 50-80 countries browsing online databases developed by bioresources database and bioinformatics unit of IBSD.